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Gun Storage Solution maroklőfegyver állvány

Elérhetőség: Ajánlatkérés
Gyártó: Gun Storage Solutions

Leírás és Paraméterek

Gun Storage Solution Kickstand​

A well kept gun counter suggests well kept guns along with expert knowledge, friendly staff and attention to detail.  Without a doubt a gun counter with Kikstands will leave a great first impression and speak volumes to the quality of your gun shop.  Benefits like easier retrieval and return to stand will make your job as a salesman easier too. Kikstands are versatile and will support a gun on any flat surface.  With Kikstands you will have the convenience to easily condense guns on a shelf or spread them out as inventory moves throughout a busy day. Benefits: Appealing display of stock. Maximizing shelf space. Easy retrieval and return to stand. Encourages cleanliness and orderliness of guns. Eliminates the aftermath of a busy day. Versatility - works with all types of handguns and most long guns - slide prong through the trigger guard to display long barreled revolvers and rifles.  Adjust prong as necessary. Patent Pending Features: For use on any flat surface. Vinyl coating on steel wire. Fits as small as 22 caliber. Chamfered/rounded tip for additional bore protection. Malleable wire prong will adjust up or down accommodate a variety of guns - semi-automatics, revolvers, and rifles Compatible with Label Holding Snaps

SPECS: Size: 3 ¾” at widest point; 6” long; 2 ½” tall; 3” prong, Color: Black.


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