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MTM Gun Wise fegyvertisztító / szerelő állvány

26.280 Ft
Cikkszám: MTM-749010333
Elérhetőség: Egyedi rendelésre
Gyártó: MTM

Leírás és Paraméterek

MTM Gun Cleaning Wise 

The MTM Gun Cleaning Vise is packed full of features that you would normally find on costly high end model vises, all for a fraction of the cost. Easily perform all your gunsmithing and maintenance for rifles, shotguns, long guns, etc. The MTM Gun Vise features a fast, single adjustment clamp that secures with a non-marring hold. The cleaning forks are positioned so that you may clamp your firearm level or sloped, depending on whether you are installing an optical sight, adjusting a trigger, or flushing your action and in need of drainage. Shotgun barrels, rifle stocks, muzzleloaders, etc., are held securely for easy cleaning. Organize all of your cleaning supplies within the 14 separate compartments. A divided tray slides to uncover compartments in the vise base for smaller, easy-to-lose items. Utilize the 11 screwdriver bit holders, which are also handy for jags, brushes, mops, and rod implements. Along the bottom side of the MTM Gun Cleaning Vise are two convenient cleaning rod holders to keep your rods from getting away while you're making adjustments. Comprised of chemical and solvent resistant polypropylene plastic, the MTM gun Cleaning Vise is built to last.


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