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Bulldog Targets Doghouse Pug Portable Target -- 19"x16"x10"

Bulldog Targets Doghouse Pug Portable Target -- 19"x16"x10"


BULLDOG TARGETS Doghouse PUG - 19"x16"x10" - Target

The BULLDOG Doghouse PUG is ideal for practising. The complete disc consists of foam and is covered with a fabric, so that the disc is like being in a bag and is relatively insensitive to external influences. Finally, a carrying handle ensures comfortable transport of the disc.


  • Flat surface, so that a target support can easily be attached 
  • Extremely compact 
  • Front printed with 8 target circles 
  • Extremely durable construction for a long life 
  • Arrows are easy to draw 
  • Also suitable for crossbows 
  • NOT suitable for use with hunting tips 
  • Measurement: 48cm x 40,5cm x 25,5cm / 19" x 16" x 10" 
  • Weight: 9,1kg

Scope of delivery:
1x Target (without target faces)

  • ÁRAK

    Az árak tájékoztató jellegűek, nem minősülnek hivatalos ajánlattételnek és az árváltozás jogát fenntartjuk!
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