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Clawgear Rear End Paracord szíjkengyel

Clawgear Rear End Paracord szíjkengyel


Clawgear Rear End Kit Paracord

Clawgear’s nylon equipment is designed to increase the operator's performance. These products are optimized to be as versatile and lightweight as possible. The use of bonded Reinforced materials same time massively increases the durability and lifetime maintaining a low weight. The Rear End Kit Paracord is designed for Clawgear slings or other utilizing a 25mm webbing loop. This rear end kit has a military grade paracord loop for attaching to various sling swivels or loops.  


  • Designed for Clawgear 2-point Sling and Clawgear Sniper Rifle Sling or similar slings
  • Made of Nylon webbing in conjunction with military grade Paracord
  • Fabrics: Nylon Webbing/ ITW Nexus 30mm plastic loop/ Type III 550 Paracord
  • Dimensions: Length: 24cm/ Width: 3cm

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