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HHA Optimizer Lite Speed Dial for Crossbows

HHA Optimizer Lite Speed Dial for Crossbows


HHA Sports -Optimizer Speed Dial
Fits all crossbows with Weaver rail (19-21mm).

To balance the ballistics with exact adjustment after adjustment.
With 48 pre-printed various distance strips, so you will find the right strip for your crossbow in any case.

We asked one of our customers to describe the article once in use. From our point of view, the following text best describes how it works:

Application report:
The"Optimizer" from HHA-Sports

Crossbow shooting is really a beautiful sport. The problem, if you want to shoot up to 100 m, the conventional rifle scopes are often unsuitable. Either they do not impact resistant or the markings in the reticle and the distances (every 10m) do not coincide and cannot be adjusted. Every crossbow and every arrow weight would need its own telescopic sight. But if the scope is adapted to the performance of the crossbow (e.g. Barnett), then the divisions are made for"Yard" and not for"Meter" and who can think in"Yard"? Well, I don't. With some crossbows, the visor rail, including the optics mounted on it, can be tilted step by step. Unfortunately, this method is not exact either. I refuse internally to constantly hold with any dots and lines over or under the gold if I want to shoot nevertheless into the gold. And who wants to remember all that? This problem is known to the manufacturers and the company HHA-Sports has finally remedied it with the"Optimizer", which I now call"Optimizer". The good piece is not necessarily a cheap product, so I had to deal with myself and the price for a while. In the end the"will to have" won over the stinginess.

The optimizer is mounted between the 19mm rail and the visor. The sight point is lifted about 1.5 cm. You really have to pay attention to this circumstance, because of the error when tilting becomes bigger! When tilting to the left, the bolt flies to the left and too low and when the right arm of a crossbow hangs too low, it flies analogously to the right and also too low. Fortunately, evolution has given us bipeds a first class balance system and we intuitively have a great understanding of horizontal and vertical. This gift should be used, so please pay attention to the spirit level in your head when shooting. In addition, I recommend tightening all screws really firmly, because the mass of the optimizer, including the visor, also likes to wander. Also, the big adjusting wheel has to be screwed on after each adjustment of a new distance by means of the small adjusting screw. I didn't do that in the beginning and the optimizer adjusted itself with every shot.

The 48 distance strips calculated on the computer are ingenious at the optimizer. If you know the initial speed of the bolt in"Feet", you can immediately reach for the right strip. If you don't know this, you first have to turn the big wheel as far forward as possible and fix it with the small screw. Then the crossbow is shot in at 20 m with the adjustment possibilities at the optics. Under the sting, at the big wheel, there is now the 20 m mark. The visor itself will not be changed any more. Next, the optimizer is lowered over the big wheel so far that you can set a second mark on the paper strip, under the spine, at 50 or 60 m. The second mark on the paper strip, under the spine, can be set on the big wheel. Now you can remove the paper strip from the wheel and hold it next to the 48 computer strips. Under guarantee, there is a strip where the 20 and 60 m markings are identical with your own markings. Exactly this strip is glued on the optimizer in such a way that the new 20 m mark is under the stinger when the wheel is fully deflected. If you now know the shot distance or work with a rangefinder, you will immediately find the exact setting on the paper strip. The crosshairs always aim at the centre of the gold. So equipped is no problem to hit a 10 cm spot on 80 m.

By the way, I shoot a"Stryker" and as optics, I use a luminous dot sight of Walther with 2-fold magnification. As a range finder, I use the stereo view in my own head and the"Bushnell Sport Bowhunter" with its ARC system. The part is first class and was specially designed for crossbow and archery. The optimizer is not only available for the crossbow, but also in different designs for the bow and especially for bowhunting.

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