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HHA Tetra XB Crossbow Sight Mount

HHA Tetra XB Crossbow Sight Mount

Cikkszám: HHA-TTR-XB

HHA Tetra XB Crossbow Sight Mount

The crossbows of today are far more advanced than those of even 5 years ago. Scope technology has surely kept in step with this trend, and in many cases overcomplicated the process for the average user. While multi reticle scopes may shine for young eyes or when season changing decisions aren’t on the line, choosing the right cross hair at 46 yards when Mr. Big has your heart racing comes with its own set of challenges. Enter the Tetra XB… In most hunting situations, you generally have time and owe it to the animal to range it before pulling the trigger. Why not take 2 extra seconds to dial in, to the yard, and squeeze of the shot with the utmost confidence and leave the woods with your tag filled? - Compact, low-profile design - 100% machined aluminum components - Military spec, picatinny rail system - 52 preprinted yardage tapes allow for to the yard accuracy from 20 to 100 yards - Full wheel clearance: No more shims or spacers needed for your cocking ropes

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