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Stronghold Strong Bag hordozható vesszőfogó - 50 fontig

Stronghold Strong Bag hordozható vesszőfogó - 50 fontig



STRONGHOLD Strong Bag - 40x40x23cm

The STRONGHOLD Targets Strong Bag is the perfect target for bows and crossbows. It combines an efficient stopping effect with a buttery smooth extraction of arrows and bolts. Thanks to its special design, arrows and bolts only penetrate the target up to a quarter of their length. Pulling them out is then absolutely effortless. The Strong Bag effortlessly stops arrows from recurve bows with a draw weight of up to 60 lbs and compound bows with a draw weight of up to 50 lbs. Even bolts from pistol crossbows such as the X-BOW fma Supersonic, which allows speeds of up to 300 fps, are reliably stopped. And even bolts from large crossbows with a speed of up to 250 fps are no problem.

The inside of the STRONGHOLD Targets Strong Bag target is almost indestructible, because it is made of special STRONGHOLD Targets Target Fleece (SHTTF), which consists of millions of polyester fibres. The outer skin itself is made of an extraordinarily resilient nylon fabric in black, which is printed with target markings on both the front and the back. For optimum stability and good shape retention, the STRONGHOLD Targets Strong Bag has an internal frame made of durable fibreglass.

The STRONGHOLD Strong Bag weighs just 2.8kg and is extremely compact with a size of 40x40x23cm (HxWxD). Particularly practical is the carrying strap, with which you can transport the target without any problems. This makes it easy to realise different shooting distances.

Technical data:
Height: 40cm
Width: 40cm
Depth: 23cm
Weight: approx. 2,8kg
Material (filling) Stronghold Targets Target fleece

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