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X-Bow Defuser Crossbow Decocking Device

Cikkszám: XBD-53P179

The Crossbow Defuser is a portable crossbow decocking system for most major brand crossbows. There are five adjustments to fit nicely against different shaped risers. It easily attaches to your crossbow by sliding in like an arrow, moving the u-brace tight against the riser and tightening the knob. The Crossbow Defuser decocks the crossbows safely and easily in seconds! Simply take off the safety, squeeze the trigger and vie three twists of the handle, then presto, your crossbow is defused and ready for storage! the Crossbow Defuser is powder coated along with zinc coated parts to make the unit weather resistant for years of service.

This model does not work on reverse draw crossbows.

  • ÁRAK

    Az árak tájékoztató jellegűek, nem minősülnek hivatalos ajánlattételnek és az árváltozás jogát fenntartjuk!
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