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X-Bow FMA Supersonic XL Tactical AR-15 Pistol számszeríj

X-Bow FMA Supersonic XL Tactical AR-15 Pistol számszeríj

Cikkszám: XBW-FMAS-T-AR15

X-BOW FMA Supersonic XL Tactical - 120 lbs - Crossbow

First things first: The ingenious magazine - developed by X-BOW FMA.

Nothing less than even more perfection was the goal for X-BOW FMA in the further development of the Supersonic. And this has been achieved! In the latest evolutionary stage, the X-BOW FMA Supersonic has a compact, slim, simply ingenious magazine that, at only 5.5 cm high, integrates perfectly into the design of the crossbow.

It holds up to six bolts, which are reloaded completely automatically and enable a fast firing sequence. Immediately after cocking, the next bolt drops onto the barrel and is ready for firing. As a special safety measure, the magazine locks after the last bolt and does not allow the crossbow to be cocking again. This not only lets the shooter know that the magazine is empty, but also prevents an empty shot from being fired unintentionally.

Of course, the magazine also has an integrated Picatinny rail, which allows the mounting of any standard scope or Red Dot.

The basis: X-BOW FMA Supersonic - 120 lbs / 250 fps - compact crossbow

The X-BOW fma Supersonic has revolutionised the compact crossbow market! It is a powerful compact crossbow that consistently implements the compound principle and achieves previously unimagined performance values. Despite its ultra-compact size, it has a draw weight of 120 lbs and generates bolt speeds of up to 274 km/h (with the recommended high impact bolts). This makes it suitable for shooting distances of up to 60m. Such values were previously only known from larger crossbows!
Another highlight is the innovative cable system, with which the Supersonic can also be comfortably cocking. Simply pull the rear handle and cocking the crossbow. The tensioning system is designed in such a way that the maximum force to be applied over the entire length of the Power Stroke does not exceed 52lbs.

Compact or XL? 3 shafts - the right crossbow for every style.

Of course, X-BOW FMA also equips the Supersonic TACTICAL with adjustable shafts in triangle or L-style. With the extended shafts, the Supersonic TACTICAL fits even better in the hand and can be optimally adjusted to every shooter. The material is a high-quality, glass-fibre reinforced and heat-resistant plastic with a non-slip surface.

With the triangle shaft, the Supersonic XL TACTICAL comes in an ultra-compact and minimalist A-frame design. This shape offers extended cross-bracing, creating the strikingly eye-catching triangle shape. A high degree of stability as well as easy access to the optimally positioned length adjustment of the shoulder support are the features that future owners will love from the start. The shaft combines strong design with excellent ergonomics.

The L-shaft offers you various advantages and uses. The open shoulder rest is extremely light and can additionally be used as a handle or for hanging on an appropriate device. The slim shape cleverly picks up on the aesthetics of the Supersonic TACTICAL, cocking a successful design arc between the grip and the shoulder section.

Good to know - with the additional shaft, the Supersonic XL reaches a maximum length of 67 cm. Thanks to the option to adjust the length, an adjustment to a minimum of 61 cm is possible. By removing the reel seat, a further 2 cm can be saved. Depending on the configuration chosen, the XL version is thus between 19 and 25 cm longer than the compact Supersonic without shaft.

In a nutshell

  • L-shaped or triangular design ensures an ultra-compact and lightweight construction
  • A more stable stance ensures smoother shooting and a better hit pattern
  • Adjustable shoulder rest allows for length adjustments
  • Up to 25 cm longer than the original X-BOW FMA Supersonic
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