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RCBS Turret Press lőszertöltő prés

Cikkszám: RCBS-749010591
Elérhetőség: Ajánlatkérés
Gyártó: RCBS

Leírás és Paraméterek

RCBS Turret Press

This press turns the complexity of reloading into a simple operation. You decide if you want to reload in single stage or progressive mode. The progressive mode can increase your production output from 50 to 200 rounds per hour. But, if you prefer to focus on just a single box or small batch, the single-stage press is the way to go. The Turret doesn’t skimp on quality with a rugged, cast iron frame, a heavy-duty toggle back, and a solid one-piece turret head, so you don’t have to worry about springing. The Turret press head features a detent for positive case alignment. The 7/8 x 14 thread accepts standard dies and accessories. The six station turret head lets you install a powder measure and different die combinations so you can reload different cartridges in one set up. A single bolt secures the turret head for fast and easy changeover. The ball handle can be set up for either right or left handed users. Includes primer safety tube. A removable primer catcher saves spent primers. The chip and fade resistant epoxy finish makes cleanup quick and easy. Add as many Replacement Turret Heads as you like for other calibers. One bolt is all it takes to change out calibers.

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