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Explorer Cases 3005 fegyvertáska tokkal

Cikkszám: EXP-2003726
Elérhetőség: Ajánlatkérés
Gyártó: Seahorse

Leírás és Paraméterek

Explorer Cases 3005 Pistol Case


  • Length: 326mm (300mm inside)
  • Width: 269mm (210mm inside)
  • Depth: 75mm (58mm inside)
  • Weight: 1,20kg (1,10kg empty weight without inlay)
  • Color : Black
  • Inlay: incl. Gunbag


Literally indestructible
The weapon cases from Explorer Cases each have corrosion proof metal hinges with lid stay features, which fixate the cover and hold it into place when opened. So you can rest assured that your weapon cases will assist you a long long time.
Thanks to the locking latches the weapon cases are always highly secured. The O-ring gasket also makes them water resistant to a great extend.
Every weapon case is equipped with a manual air pressure release valve. Therefore you can take it easy and will have no problem handling and closing the case.

Exactly how you want it
The cases are provided with internal cutouts for optional internal brackets or mounting rings, so you can store everything exactly as it is most suitable for your requirements.
Every single suitcase comes with a waterproof removable label with which you can label your equipment or store your data.
The case can either be transported traditionally via the large front handle or via optional shoulder straps, which can be easily attached to any model.
The 3005 series is optimized for the transportation by airplane.


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