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Sinclair International All-Purpose Heavy Varmint Rest állvány

Cikkszám: SINC-APHVR
Elérhetőség: Ajánlatkérés
Gyártó: Sinclair International

Leírás és Paraméterek

Sinclair International All-Purpose Heavy Varmint Rest

The Sinclair Heavy Varmint Shooting Rest series is an evolution of our Generation II shooting rest (now discontinued) and our Competition Shooting Rest that’s sought after by the best of today’s benchrest competitors. The Heavy Varmint Shooting Rests feature fully upgraded hardware such as a heavy-duty stainless steel center column and 1” stainless post, oversized scalloped hand wheel with thrust bearing for ultra-smooth vertical adjustments, large ½”-20 thread rest feet with oversized aluminum anodized knobs (no plastic parts here), and a fully adjustable forend stop for shot-after-shot repeatability. The base itself is of ductile cast iron construction with a durable powder coat finish to last for a lifetime of use – exactly what you’ve come to expect from all Sinclair manufactured products. These shooting rests weigh up to 17 lbs with filled sand bag – designed to stay in its place on your bench top. Ths Sinclair Heavy Varmint Shooting Rests are available in 8 different configurations – ask any of our reloading and shooting techs for assistance selecting the model for your needs. Made right here…in the USA. Available in the following formats: The Sinclair Heavy Varmint Bench Rest model is designed for shooters who prefer using Protektor or Edgewood front sand bags. The rest top side plates allow the user to “pinch” the sand bag for subtle bag width adjustments. Purchase the front Protektor or Edgewood sand bag which best fits your forend width: sporter, varmint, or flat-bottomed B/R stock (front sand bag is not included with Sinclair Heavy Varmint Bench Rests, please see page xx and order separately). The Sinclair Heavy Varmint All-Purpose rest is designed with our versatile All-Purpose (A/P) Top which quick-adjusts to accommodate nearly any forend. Switch from narrow sporter stocks to 3-1/2” BR stocks with a turn of a lever. The Sinclair Heavy Varmint All-Purpose Rest includes a dual-sided leather/cordura sand bag (not filled). The Sinclair Heavy Varmint Basic Rest features a flat-top plate that accepts Protektor and Edgewood front sand bags, or perhaps another favorite brand. The flat-top plate allows for bags to be securely strapped. Front sand bag is not included with the Sinclair Heavy Varmint Rests, please see page xx and order separately. Both the Sinclair Heavy Varmint Bench Rest and Heavy Varmint All-Purpose Rest models are available in a windage topped version. This adds the convenience of quick-adjust horizontal movements for competitive shooting by turning the windage knob located on the side of the rest top. Available in both right-hand and left-hand shooter versions.

When ordering windage top versions, right-handed shooters will order a RIGHT-HAND rest and left-handed shooters will order a LEFT-HAND rest. The adjustment knob will be on the correct side to be adjusted with the shooter's off hand.


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